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The Hillsboro Cottage

There are multiple ways to find more information about us…..

  1. This web Site:
  2. If you prefer we are also on AirBnb: AirBnb – Hillsboro Cottage  This website also has more information about the cottage.
  3. Facebook page:  Facebook Hillsboro Cottage
  4. Directly with us:
    1. Please call or email and we can book your stay with us!   see below..


  •      843 NE Birchaire Ln.
  •      Hillsboro, Oregon. 97124 USA
  •      1-971-563-2693
  •      [email protected]


NOTE:  We are one of only two owners in the city of Hillsboro that is permitted to have a short term rental as of 2019.


Thank you

Greg & Janet



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